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1.Tigran Speakers are victims or accomplice of TPLF in the last 26 years of Ethiopian Politics? Sep 28, 2017

Azeb Mesfin the wife of the defunct Premier bleeding Ethiopia financially Sep 28, 2017

Ethiopianism- Happy New year Ethiopian Wishes Sep 12, 2017

4. – News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 23 Mar 2016.13

1 Tigran Speakers are  victims or accomplice  of TPLF in the last 26 years of Ethiopian Politics?

Published on 28 Sep 2017

I don’t accept the idea that currently the Ethiopian diaspora are …..

In the last weeks, both the Afan Oromo and Somali language speaker diasporas are criticizing the situation in the country and announced that it is the guilt of woyane leadership. The situation is a result of 26 years of ethnic politics followed by woyane. Actually woyane have been using the ethnic based violences as means to extend their leadership, however, it has become an out of there control and woyane is responsible for it.


2  Azeb Mesfin the wife of the defunct Premier bleeding Ethiopia financially

Published on 28 Sep 201712

About the late prime minister’s wife who is decisive woyane, corrupted Azeb Mesifin.

As it is known, Azeb Mesifin is identified as mother of corruption. She used to be leader and board member of the woyane members institution called as EFFORT, that has high control of the country’s economy. She has been impoverishing Ethiopia through corruption.

What I need to mention in addition the previous South Ethiopian Region president Abate Kisho, while he was alleged of corruption and impresoned, because of acusation of using the regional budget for his personal benefit; he has told the court that he was ordered to deposit the excess budget by Azeb Mesifin’s name. He has also presented the receit to the court.

The other point is, an Ethiopian banking professional who is living in the USA has made public the bank check worth of $ 5 million withdrawn by the name of the then underage(<18 years old) Semhal Meles – daughter of the late prime minister Meles Zenawi and Azeb Mesfin.

In general Ethiopian people know her with the nick name ‘Mother of Corruption’.


3  Ethiopianism- Happy New year Ethiopian Wishes 2010

12 Sep 2017


Congradulation for reaching 2010 Ethiopian Calendar year. May the new year be a year when the dectator woyane will be removed and we build the new and great Ethiopia that belongs to all of us and. I wish it will be a country where democracy and equality prevails.


4 – News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 23 Mar 2016.13

Time 19:19 – 20:45

The government couldn’t find any feasible solution for the last 40 _50 years the famine is beyond some one could imagine. in my view the TPLF (woyane ) is responsible for the current famine or at least has exacerbate it. due to the false propoganda of two digit development, the rest of world thinks Ethiopia is sulf-sufficient country and could overcome the situation by herself .

Before 6 months both the prime minister Hylemariam Desalegn and communication minister mr.Redwan Hussein had been denaying the existance of the famine though later announced as under full control.

As a result,the world taking this false propoganda in to account,has failed to stretchout its hand for help. Therefore it will be worth to help the victims than wasting too much time on failed poletical system. thank you


5  Ethiopianism.tv_ Ethiopian Ethnic federalism in grave crisis in Oromia and Welkaiet Tegele

23 Mar 2016.13

the political ideology  which has been practiced for the last 25 years on one nations supriority among others  in a country of many nations and nationalities, has been showing a boomerang effect that no longer presume. the prime minister in recent weeks has declared that house of federation will no longer accept identity quetions. the same holds true for Konso. It is cristal clear that the prime ministers concern is not about solidarity, it is all about a tactic to suppress the issue of Wolkayet Tsegede identity quetion .


6 – News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 23 Mar 2016.13

, Regarding the status of the emergency created by the collapse of the TPLF
The end  result: ,When we see  the people of our country’s population density,in our past education  we have seen oromogna  speakers went to  to Gonder  for work and make family and lived there   have seen  that  opportunity, ,,what we learn from this experience is  the nation,, curtain will removed,,,

our  people are currently ,,couldnt  live in  peace together becose of woyane so inoreder to get relived we must removed woyane together

In the other hand civil war will not occur in our country  becouse  in our country   our people’s culture and faith are very strong  

Delivered disasters and conflicts over the past twenty-five years, are TPLF deliberately and false We all know that it is coordinated offenses.


7  EPPF #1st Accusation Debates against The Ethiopian Regime for 6 +1 Crimes Committed p1-1.6

time  41 : 50 – 43:00

 May 2015 EPPF- 7th Crime Accusation Crime in Arabia

    I claim woyane government is responsible to the lose of thousands of lives and for the Inhumane treatments  in diffenent Arab countries specialy in Saudi Arabia.Most Ethiopians who living  Saudi Arabia are under brutal tratement by the government and the Ethiopian government is doing nothing to stop or improve the situaton rather they are doing business with the wealth Arab business men.Saudi Arabian  businesses took a large areas of land for investment in different parts of the country which does not benefit the people because all food products that are produced in the land will be exported while we are starving to death.


 8  Jul 2015 EPPF- N° 10 J’ACCUSE Ethiopian Regime For all Electoral Atrocities by Ghermew Arghaw

  time   49:30 – 51

I am the victim of the 2005 Ethiopian national election disaster.In 2005 election the ruling government has lost to the opposition party by the total vote that was casted but by making fraud the election board announce the result that opposition party only won in the capital and lose the rest,so this fraud led to population protest which cause a lose of hundreds of lives.Election in every five years is a west of everythig because there will never be a free and fair democratic election as long as woyane is on power.


 9 EPPF- 4th Charge against Ethiopian Regime thousands fleeing to Southern Africa victimized p5

time 17:00 -17:30

  The act of xenophobia in South Africa aginst foreigners specially Ethiopians was a very disgaceful act.Regarding to this the woyane government took no action,they should at least close the embassy.Even if  I don’t accept what boko haram is doing they tried to warn the government and the people of South Africa unlike the Ethiopian government.


EPPF- N° 10 J’ACCUSE Ethiopian Regime For all Electoral Atrocities 3

aau and elication  

50:00 52:00


I am the victim of the 2005 Ethiopian national election disaster.In 2005 election the ruling government has lost to the opposition party by the total vote that was casted but by making fraud the election board announce the result that opposition party only won in the capital and lose the rest,so this fraud led to population protest which cause a lose of hundreds of lives.Election in every five years is a west of everythig because there will never be a free and fair democratic election as long as woyane is on power.


11 #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ Cross Talk May 25, 2017/20

mint 2 :29:00

. In today’s news analysis we tried to cover armed struggle in East Africa as whole.  Bereket and Senay,  Eritrean journalist who fled from their  gov’t clarified very well how armed struggle  is like around the region.  the information they gave are valuable and useful for us and those who are struggling on the area.    


As it has been known Dr.Tewodros was running for WHO director, even if  he got the vote by buying it with the money he took from the poor people; Ethiopian all over the world are against his election. As for us if he were good enough for the position, we all be by his side supporting him. However Dr. Tewodros is one of the member of Tplf and as of those gov’t authority, he has been involved in crimes, corruption, and human right violation.


Today’s additional news overviews is about Ethiopian woman working and living in the middle east. These women have been repeatedly  the victim of their employer. The Ethiopian embassy haven’t done anything and is not willing to support them. All immigrant is fleeing the country because of the regime. Even in other land the have no right, there is no one in the embassy to listen or willing to help them. This why we are saying , we don’t have gov’t . As citizen we have no right in our country neither have no one(embassy) in other land to consider as their citizen and help with our problem. We are all the victim of our  own gov’t.  


11 Ethipian regime killed over 300 during at traditional Oromo celebration

time  5:30- 7:30

On the Irecha traditional  celebraton government  soldiers killed more than 300 innocent civilians while they were celebrating and peacefull protest.Government  soldiers uses different weapons snipers and also helicopter for the mass killing.Many fall in cliffs trying to save their lives.The incident was widely covered by international medias but local private medisa were banned even being around.


12 #Ethiopian Gondar City & Borna Undeclared War Zones P3

time 14:30 15:00

My message to the student community is, it has been hestorical that students play a great rolein  changing  the political atmosphere in the country in the previous governements and now is the time to do the same in this dictator regiem so that we all have freedom.When we assess our future it is very frighting because of the Educational policies and the availability of jobs.So we have to come together to rescue our future by fighting against woyane. #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 17 Feb 2017.8


Time 9:22 -9:50

ርሃቡ በ 50 አመት ታሪክ ከፍተኛ እና አስከፊ ነው  1/2 ህዝብ ለ ራሃብ ( ለአስቾካይ የምግብ እርዳታ )  ተጋልጦአል    በመሆኑም  ሚበላው ያጣ ህዝብ መንግሰቱን ይበላል በሚለው አባባል እስማማለው  ። በመሆኑም በ ኢትዮጵያ ፓለቲካ ላይ ከፍተኛ  ለውጥ ያመጣል ።

Half of the people are victim of the famine and the current famine is the worst than the last fifty years. As the adage a starved people will ultimately turn up to its leader. Therefore, I believe it will bring a change in political sphere.

14 #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 17 Feb 2017.8

time  7:15 – 9 : 45

For the last three months the demonstration is continued over may cities of Ethiopia. It become the cuase of death upto 200 civilians people and also imprisomnet and brutality towards many students.

EPRDF continued killing and shooting peaceful civilians who gather for a peaceful demonstration. This cuases UN and eropean union to give strong criticsize the report against the regime.

This awful situation leads the people to mass distruption of rural areas and properties that are owned by the government officials, and also killing of EPRDF soldiers or namely Agazi.

EPERDF suspended soliders vocational leave and transferring for unlimited period of time because of fear that soldiers will join the peoples demonstration. The government is also tried to divide and weaken the demonstration through the title of nationality but the people keep struggling in unity for freedom.

On this day there is a massivie demonstration in Hora Gudiru in Wellega , western Arsi koffele and Shashemene. The demonstration continued by blocking roads which leads the closing of many governmetal and private organization and officers.

The hospitals are also occupied by many students’ patients who have been injured by gun bullets.



15 #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 17 Feb 2017.8


እንደሚታወቀው የመሬት ሰሪቱን አመፅ በሰፊው የተንቀሳቀስበት ያለበት ሁኔታ ነወ ፣ በተለይም ከ ኦሮምኛ ቋንቋ ተናጋሪው በተጨማሪ በጋምቤላ  እንዲሁም በ አፋር በዚህ ሳምንት እየተካሄደ ይገኛል ፣ በመሆኑም በድምር ውጤት ወያኔን የመጣል አቅም አለው ብዬ ነው ማምነው ።

በዛሬው እለት እንዲሁ በሻሸመኔ መሰመር ከፍተኛ ተቋውሞ እየተደረገ ነው ፣ አርሲም እንዲሁ በዜናው ላይ እንዳቀረብኩት ወታደር እስከ መሞት የደረሰበት  ሁኔታ ነው ።

በተለይም በ አሁኑ ሰአት የሄገነንን አባባል እጋራለው ፣ ሰው ባሪያ የሚሆነው  ሞትን ሰለሚፈራ ነው ነገር  ግን  ሞትን መጋፈጥ ከቻለ ግን ነፃነቱን ያገኛል ያ ነው ሃገራችን ላይ እየሆነ ያለው ህዝቡ ከሞት ጋር ትንቅንቅ ፈጥረው ለነፃነት እየተጋለ ነው ያለው    ።

At this time the demonstration is continued throughout the country especially in oromia, Gambella and Afar language speakers by which they are contributing much for the road to freedom. On this day I want to give you a famous saying by Hegel ‘’people become slaves because they are afraid of dying but if they challenge death they will win their freedom’’. At this time most of Ethiopian people is sacrificing its life for freedom.


Time 1:45:00 -1:45:50


ዛሬ በአጠቃላይ በሃገራችን አብይ ጉዳዮች አንስተን ተወያይተናል በተለይም , ,,, በራሃቡ እና በ ህዝባዊ አመፁ ጉዳይ መንግስት ላይ ያለውን ተፅእኖ በጥልቀት ተወያይተን የራሳችንን አቆም ይዘናል ።

በተጨማሪም የምእራበውያን ፍላጎት ከጥቅማቸው እና ከሚያካሄዱት ቢዝነስ እንጂ ለሠፊው ህዝብ ፍላጎት እንደማይቆሙ በኢትዮጵያ እና በኤርትራ ወስጥ የካናዳ እና የአሜሪካን  ሁኔታ አይተናል ። ጥሩ ቁምነገር ጨብጠንበታል ፣በተጫማሪም በ ታሪክ የ ፈረንሳይ የእጅ አዙር ቀኝ ግዛትን በጋቦን አይተናል  በመሆኑም ፣ በዛሬው ትምህርታችን እና ውይይታችን  ለ ሃገራችን ተስፋ የምእራብውያን እጅ ከመጠበቅ እኛ በእኛው ለለውጥ መዘጋጀት እንዳለብን ተረድቻለው ።


Today we have final view regarding our country current situation that is famine and people demonstration. We are also recognized the western countries are interested only in their national interest by disregarding human right violations. We have learned a lot today. Besides, we see in detailed france’s neo-colonialism against Gabon. Generally, in today meeting we get a clear understanding that we shouldn’t expect any kind of help in our journey to freedom, we should do it alone.

17 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 2 September 2016.39

Today we saw the importane of leadership.As we all know befor when the military junta took power most of them do not have the the experience to lead and through the 17 years of power the military junta cause uncountable lose of life.It is the same cuerrently because the woyane way of leadersheep is the same as the military junta but a bit diplomatic.So we need a leader who is selfless and  will be able to sacrifice to the people whome he leads.As we learn in mobile unversty avant-garde will come through the process of the current popular struggle.


Western pressure” on Ethiopian regime could stop the mass killing and Human right abuses ? News Analysis

20 Sept 2016



     We are the one who who must fight to bring change in the country not the westerns.But they can contribute in the process of making the by stop funding the governent because woyane with out the weatern aid is nothing.The western coutries could do different things  that will help Ethipoian people to throw down the regime.They can stop funding or since woyane officials are criminals they can put travel bans may weaken the regime

19 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 4 August 2016.32

The Gonder protest on sunday was very appropriate and crucial and it shaws how we are so under governmenatal imperssion and also reflects ou unity.


20 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 4 August 2016.32

At the Gonder protest we saw many that makes the protest strong.First the level the issue that were raised upgraded to national level rather than sectarian.Even if when the protest start itwas about land now it a question of freedom and all kinds of rights violation.And also we are be able to see the unity because they we supporting the brothers and sisters of Oromegna speakers.

21 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 29 July 2016.31

I have the impression that the revolt is supported by huge part of the society. Even those historical parties, who claimed to represent the Oromo speakers, are now abounded their former slogan, which was the establishment of a separate country. However, we have done very little to bring them to our side, even we keep to pushing them away from us, which I found it not wise. For example, I have heard some people within us under estimating the current struggle taking place in the country with negative comments like “The revolt wouldn’t go any further; it has no leaders”. I would like to suggest other part of the opposition to take one more step forward closer to them looking with optimism the former province of Shewa, where half of the people speak Amharic and other Oromigna. So there is no country called Ethiopia without the people who speak Oromigna. The Oromo is the trunk of the tree called Ethiopia, under any circumstance they couldn’t separate from Ethiopia. Therefore, instead of presenting past allegation it is better to stay shoulder to shoulder with them and support the struggle. #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 6 Jan 2017. 1



   First of all I want to express my gratitude for the leaders of Muslim community of being released.Thye have been labeled as terrorists by te government but when the Muslim community strongly oppose the decision the government released them as they are pardoned to control the situation.

     Woyane is performing mass detention every where in the country.Currently there is a high mass protest at Gonder and woyane is killing and mass detaining the people out there.In addition the people of Gonder and Oromia are stand in solidarity.It is not possible to silence the voice by killing and mass detaining but its better to give the power to the people.


23 Ethiopianism tv #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 27 Jan 2017 4

about  false  and  in valid negotion between  oopstion part  thos live in homland and the governmnt  ,  the governmt win the elaction 100 %  two times for last 10 years  andalso the elctoal bord by self suport and the regiom party mebers how respect free … eleaction in ethiopia …. so thos party done negotion from the governmt just used the govrnmt as propoganda .

24Ethiopianism tv #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 27 Jan 2017 4

about currunt famin and the governmnt respons …. famin is in 21 centuary its administration probleam  and  poor adminstration system   of the leaders …


25 Ethiopianism #News Analysis and Crosstalk September 12, 2017/31


The Nation Ethiopian is the out come of long process through Blood and Bon screfication and it is  inborn and hides in the blood of each Ethiopian Nation for our identification.

Ethnicity has never been the barrier for our Nations thus the people of Ethiopia are the result of the multi culturals and multi linguistics these situations strengthen our values system and our Nation

rather than facilitate the balcanization of Ethiopian nation.


From historical Senario, we can see The Zemene Mesafint during 18th Century in Ethiopia During this period many regional Kings in the country and there was a war among the Kings to dominate one another to be superior while foreign inveder comes they unite and have solidarity to defend and attack the warrior to protect Ethiopia and never negotiated with their enemies on the Sovereignty of Ethiopia.

During the Zemene Mesafint, each king has his own troops with traditional weapons and thus if Ethiopia had been valcanized then it would happened that period not now.


As an example, During the regime of Emperor Yohannes in 1879 the foreign inveders came to attack Ethiopia then all the sub kings ceased their collusion and united to defend their mother land Ethiopia against their enemies.

This depicted that to continue  Ethiopia as a Sovereign state and became free from colonialism as well as other inveders are not only the central government but also the people existing on the different parts Ethiopia during that period.

Historical enemies of Ethiopian and Ethiopia.

Historically we are experienced and have strength to defend and protect anti-Ethiopia activities on the Sovereignty of our Nation.

.,We never provide our unity and Ethiopianity for negotiation.


26 News Analysis Cross Talk 30 Dec 2016.59 Topic

.the current revolution in ethiopia

Ethiopian people lives scarefully due to the dectator weyane government but now the people are awaken up struggling for their freedom .

27 News Analysis CrossTalk 9 Dec 2016.56 Topic. after ethiopian former minister meles zenawi died eprdf has no any leader ​

28 News Analysis CrossTalk 4 Nov 2016.52

Topic .the current revolution in ethiopia   

29 .Oromo and Somali bantustans conflict in Ethiopia “The story behind”

Topic :for 25 years TPLF the tyranny junta regime is trying to demolish Ethiopia and peoples of sovereignty, but couldn’t make it because we raised and fight to bring back for our rights of freedom and sovereignty.

30 ,Ethiopianism #News Analysis & Debate September 19, 2017/32 Part 1

Topic .both shabiya and TPLF are enemies of Ethiopia.

31 .Ethiopian Regime recent Prisoners Liberation Desperation or readjustment ?

topic.On my belief the prisoners are not political criminals instead who fights for peoples​ freedom and human right .

32 – News Analysis CrossTalk 30 Mar 2016.14

Topic, EPPF left Eritrea spread out the straggle in Ethiopia .​ .

33 , News Analysis CrossTalk 16 March 2016.12

Topic :TPLF says we have brought 11.2 digit economic growth, but the current famine exposed the false propaganda .

34 – News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 9 March 2016.11

Topic.The woyane government are utilised for the personals and political purposes which​ donated by abroad donors while the people are dying by famine.

35 News Analysis CrossTalk 2 March 2016.

Topic.​Eritrean and Ethiopian dectators must step down from power to settle peace and create stability .

36 News Analysis CrossTalk 24 Feb 2016.9

Topic . the protest that is erupted in oromia area becomes worse. I believe it will be end of weyanes regime.

37 News Analysis CrossTalk 28 Oct 2016.51

Topic.Ethiopia will not be demolish if tplf is fall down. News Analysis CrossTalk 5 October 2016.47


Topic .The dictator regime tplf killed more than 600 innocent people in the reche festival I felt deep sorrow that I wish to comfort for their family.

39 News Analysis CrossTalk 28 Sept 2016.45

Topic.Woyane government hides by pressuraizing the peoples question of freedom and right​ leading to strong strike.

40 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 28 Sept 2016.45

topic.TPLF carried out mass executions in Uganda

41 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 7 July 2016.28


42 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 23 June 2016.26

Topic. TPLF Authorities are responsible for the violence they are inflicting on the public.

43 #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 10 Feb 2017.6

Topic.recently we have seen a strong resistance and protest in gondar and oromiya regions for democracy and freedom but tplf put them in prison.

44 #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 17 Feb 2017.7

Topic about  ethiopian revotion in history and the month of  yekatiii 45 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 6 April 2016.15 about ethopian current vionce and mache

46 News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ CrossTalk 6 April 2016.15

Topic : in my opinion the beginning of the oromo speakers demonstration is caused by the government policies towards widening of the master plan of addis ababa which the affects omomigna speakers living around the capital and. Although, the demonstration is began by few peoples now a day it’s turning to notion wide demonstration about the question of liberty and freedom. #News Analysis የዜና ንትርክ Cross Talk January 13, 2017/2


time  45:00 – 48

När undantagstillstådet blev tillkännagivande i Etopien, fängelselade många oskylidiga människor.

Efter undantagstillstådet tilträde kraft, har mer än 20 tusen personer gripits i olika regioner inklusiv staden Addis Abeba, sade regringens egen media. Antalet gripandet växer och det är många personer som placeraders tillfälligt milität utbildningscenter.

Regeringen skappade en organtion med namenet kommand post som har uppgifta att kontrollera hur det går till undntagstillstådet. 11 tusen personer greps vid den första omgången av fängelse kampanijen, och 12 tuseb 500 perspner också grips vid den andra omgången, enligt minister av organtionen Mr Seraje Fergesa. Mer än 20 tusen personer greps med de två omgångarna, och 9000 tusen personer släpptes samt 2 tusen 449 personer har åtalats, sa Mr Seraje.

Människor är förfarande fängelserad,och antalet personer som greps,växer krafligt. Det är full av personer i de vanliga fängelserna, men regering är tuvngen att placera personerna i olika tillfälliga platser utöver de vanliga fängelserna.

Människorättsorganiationen är rädd för gripadet att det kan kända brott mot mänskliga rättigheter. Den 12 januari 2017 på natten rapporterar Human right watch ( HRW) att Etiopien undanlagstillstådet är brott mot grundläggande rättigheterna och skapade blödigt krig mot oskildiga demostranter under undantagstillstådets period. Undantagstillstådet ger rätt till att arestera utan några anledningar och det är förbjudet att kommunisera med externa intressenter. I år regeringens säkerhetetsstyrkor dödade hundratals fredliga demonstranter och fängelserade tiotusentals i Oromia och Amhara regioner. Många fånge sa att de utsatt för tortys. Detta problem är ett problem i Etopien under en lång tid. Det går inte låsa problemt med utantagstillstådet och leder ingenstans.

Rättvisa och demokrati for vårt folk som har utsatt för förtryck..