Ethiopia student crackdown taints the so called “higher education success”

Western backers of the Ethiopian education system should not ignore reports of violent clashes on university campuses by Paul O’Keeffe -theguardian orignal title –Ethiopia crackdown on student protests taints higher education success   —-——- Oromia, Ethiopia, where at least three dozen people were reportedly shot dead by security forces during student protests Over the past 15 years, Ethiopia has become home to one […] Continue reading →

Ethiopia Free Press is dead in 2014 Freedomhouse report

In response to the Ethiopian government’s arrest of six members of an independent blogging group and three journalists on April 25-26, Freedom House released the following statement: “Ethiopia’s arrests of journalists are a chilling example of the government’s efforts to silence alternative voices and dissent,” said Vukasin Petrovic, director of Africa programs at Freedom House. “These […] Continue reading →