Britain funds land Grabbing & human rights abusers in Ethiopia in name of villagization

The UK government is providing financial aid to human rights abusers in Ethiopia through funding training paramilitaries, who perpetrate summary killings, rape and torture in the impoverished African country, local media reported.   Through its foreign aid budget, the UK government provides financial support to an Ethiopian government security force known as the “special police” as […] Continue reading →

Crimean Prehistoric pyramid technology the cause of Russian Reclaim of her historic territory ?

What is the cause of the Russian sudden move on Crimea after federating it in 1954 and surrendering it to  Ukraine in 1991.  Many suspect that a new ancient advanced technology  inside the  underground pyramid found in 2012 by Dr.Gokh near Sebastopol(lat.44°36’14” N/33°33′ E). ? There are said to exist 37 pyramids on the Crimean peninsula down southeast along the coast […] Continue reading →

“CIA Spied on Intelligence Committee” Dianne Feinstein -Democratic Senator

) ) ) )————————— REUTERS, 12/03 00:18 CET smaller_textlarger_text |Share on printShare on emailShare on facebookShare on twitterShare on gmail|More Sharing Services  A bitter dispute between the CIA and the U.S. Senate committee that oversees it burst into the open on Tuesday when the committee chairwoman accused the agency of spying on Congress and possibly breaking the law. Veteran Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said the CIA had […] Continue reading →

Large-scale hydroelectric dams are not viable – Oxford dam-busters

Oxford dam-busters Large-scale hydroelectric dams are not economically viable in a vast majority of cases and can seriously damage emerging economies, according to new research. A team at Oxford University said countries pursuing projects – including Brazil, China, Ethiopia, Indonesia and Pakistan – risk saddling themselves with “serious debt owing to ill-advised construction”. The Saїd Business School based […] Continue reading →