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Graduates of Mobile University – Diploma of Sociology of Liberation 2012/2013

This are Ethiopian Refugees that crossed with pneumatic boats risking their lives the Mediterranean Sea, after travelling from Sudan to Libya crossing Sahara. They arrived to different parts of Europe. After hard work and studies in a different refugee camps successfully graduated with the different branches of sociology of Liberation. Awarded Diploma In Sociology.

Revolution አብዮት Change ለውጥ Evolution የተፈጥሮ ለውጥ


It is a brusque violent popular uprising it is destined to reverse and authority or regime de modifier situation . Conflict Paradigm is aligned to this dimension


It is a transformations observable in a very short period of time. It is localize geographically and locally. We can observe it a aire geographic or in a socio cultural framework limited than Evolution. Pluralist paradigm is aligned to this dimension


It is the totality of the transformations in a given society in a long period of time. It ir s a period of time which surpasses the life of a generation even it goes as far as many generations. Order Paradigm is aligned to this dimension