Ethiopian EPPF the original and authentic EPPF

Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front, EPPF is an organization standing for the liberation of Ethiopia, from the irredentist regime of the regime actually in power.  It was founded in 1998 in the North Western part of Ethiopia, on the frontier with Eritrea.  In 2008 EPPF left Eritrean and struggling in western highlands of Ethiopia.

  1. Ethiopian EPPF was   Founded 1998.
  2. Ethiopian EPPF is original.
  3. Ethiopian EPPF uses Voluntary Recruitment.
  4. Ethiopian EPPF are Struggling in Ethiopia for liberation.
  5. Ethiopian  EPPF is Led By Ethiopians.
  6. Ethiopian EPPF does not  Collect  Money only voluntary   donation.
  7. Ethiopian EPPF  Internationally  Are seen teaching not collecting  everything for  free..
  8. Ethiopian EPPF Use arm as a defense. 
  9. Ethiopian EPPF  Non Are not  in prison
  10. Ethiopian EPPF  Never give hands
  11. Ethiopian EPPF  Never behave like a terrorist not named as terrorist
  12. Ethiopian EPPF serves the interest of Ethiopians aboard and at home.