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Eritrean capital shocked by protest calling the end of the authoritarian regime!

Eritrea protest aftermath: military makes arrests, internet cut reported

Eritrean authorities shot and killed over 30 young protesters, wounded and jailed hundreds at the student manifestation against for transferring all schools to become community schools administered and financed by the public. Some of the protestors were chased, all the way to Akria the neighborhood of the school where many of the students were from.

Eritrea is known the North Korea of Africa.Eritrea is at war with all its neighbors. With Ethiopia from where the country breaks away in 1991, still in limbo no war no peace situation after 30 years of conflict. The great majority of Eritreans are living in exile.

The violence centered on the predominantly-Muslim neighborhood of Akriya, where the Diaa Islamic School of Asmara of students is located.

The protests provoked by the arrest of the school chairman, 90-year-old Hajj Musa Mohammed Nur who spoke against the educational transformation in a rally.

The mosque where the protest initially boiled over made it clear that our issues are issues of freedom and liberty and not confined to religion or one religious group.

Eritrean dictators in the 11 hours of the authoritarian rule sanctioned by the UN  and an explosive situation with Ethiopia.

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Zenawi’s nightmare scenario :”Africa’s $700 Billion Problem Waiting to Happen in the Red Sea coasts of Africa”

The Horn of Africa region is central to the world’s maritime trade. It’s also beginning to fall apart. BY ALEX DE WAAL EthiopEthio Original Title  “Africa’s $700 Billion Problem Waiting to Happen Back in 2002, Meles Zenawi, then prime minister of Ethiopia, drafted a foreign policy and national security white paper for his country. Before finalizing it, he confided […] Continue reading →

Ethio Eritrean Conflict and 100 year old ICC

 By Sivu Maqungo The centennial celebrations of the ‘seat of international law’ – the Peace Palace in The Hague – are about the ideals this building stands for, rather than its beautiful architecture. The Peace Palace houses the International Court of Justice, the Permanent Court of Arbitration and the Hague Academy of International Law. These institutions continue […] Continue reading →

Eritrea pays warlord to influence Somalia – U.N. experts

 Louis Charbonneau Eritrea is undermining stability in conflict-ravaged Somalia by paying political agents and a warlord linked to Islamist militants to influence the Mogadishu government, U.N. sanctions experts said in a confidential report. The Eritrean government has long denied playing any negative role in Somalia, saying it has no links to Islamist al Shabaab militants fighting to […] Continue reading →