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Liberate Ethiopian Political Prisoners in Sweden! Swedish immigration Authorities!

Ethiopia a Land of Impunity and mob Justice!

Mr. Yilma Kiflu and Mr. Mesfin Agdew are now in prison in Sweden. They will be deported to Ethiopia a country they flee from persecution. They both are married have kids in Sweden. The inhuman deportation will leave the children without a father. They are not guaranteed what will happen to them in Ethiopia at their arrival a regime based on irredentism and ethnic cleansing since the coming to power of Premier Dr. Abiy!

In Ethiopia since the coming of PM Abiy 4 months ago over 2.8 million have been internally displaced. Hundreds were killed cold-bloodedly with impunity. In the different Bantustan regions, thousands live in fear and panic not knowing what will happen to them the next day. Young girls are raped and mutilated inhumanly.
The new Premier is promising unfulfilled vague dreams. Since he came to premiership  Ethiopia is transformed into a land of mob justice!

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Eritrean surrogates Attacked EPPF fighter Near Lake Tana የሻቢያ ሰረጎገብ በጣና ሃይቅ በስተመስራቅ አርበኛን አጠቃ !!!

Yesterday the 13th of August 2013 at about 20:00 PM CET About 11 Armed Shabia Surrogates attacked EPPF fighters in South Eastern part of Lake Tana, infiltrating from Sudan through the Eastern Part of Ambo area. The outcome of the confrontation: • 5 Shabia surrogates killed 3 wounded and caught; • 3 EPPF Fighters were martyred 9 wounded. […] Continue reading →

Yenesew Radio Ethiopia False Military Communiques ወታደራዊ መግለጫዎች Prof. Muse Tegegne

The recent military communiques announcing successful attack on different establishments of the Ethiopian regime by the recent unknown Ethiopian Unity and Freedom Force (EUFF) who has no site and no program & the Eritrean regime’s propaganda site , EUFF claim the following results on Ethiomedia as he claims that they are not confirmed by Independent […] Continue reading →

Ethiopian EPPF the original and authentic EPPF

 Ethiopian People’s Patriotic Front, EPPF is an organization standing for the liberation of Ethiopia, from the irredentist regime of the regime actually in power.  It was founded in 1998 in the North Western part of Ethiopia, on the frontier with Eritrea.  In 2008 EPPF left Eritrean and struggling in western highlands of Ethiopia. Ethiopian EPPF was   Founded […] Continue reading →