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Ethiopian capital hit with deadly ethnic protest as a reminiscence of Rwandan type Genocide many died and wounded

Ethiopian capital hit with deadly ethnic protest as a reminiscence of 1994 Rwandan type Genocide in the suburb of the city, and many seen fleeing in desperation. An unknown numbers killed and wounded. weomen were rapped and thierr body part mutlated. Scores of Addis Ababa residents demonstrated in front of the state broadcaster calling for the perpetrators many were shot by governmental Agazian forces.

The violence broke out Saturday on the return of the  Eritrea based exiled leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The incident seems  to have been perpetuated indirectly by Eritrean trained agitators, a regime recently claimed  have made peace with ethiopia after  bloody  30 year of secession war in 1991.

Since the coming to power of PM Abiy Ahmed in April many regions of Ethiopia became a killing field of Rwanda 1994 type ethnic cleansing field. 

The U.N. Children’s Fund UNICEF said “in August that as many as 2.8 million Ethiopians were internally displaced, mainly due to ethnic-based attacks in various parts of the country.”

In August in somali region many killed and wounded thousands were displaced churches burned.

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Ethiopia’s corrupted, marred by scandal Blue Nile Mega Dam project stalled!

Africa’s largest mega of the Blue Nile has been full of scandal from its inception. The minority led TPLF authorities misappropriated over six billion Ethiopian birrs from the project.  The dam is seen by majority Ethiopians as a conducive way to misappropriate resources to the benefit of the then influential and powerful elites who oversaw the project. The project would cost about […] Continue reading →

Ethiopian State of Emergency and US Rex Tillerson’s visit, saves the situation, or advice the regime share or leave power?

Rex Tillerson’s visit, saves the situation, or advice the regime share or leave power?  Strikes protesting Ethiopia’s state of emergency spread across the restive Oromia region ahead of U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s arrival for talks with the Horn of Africa nation’s embattled government. More than two years of protests in the Oromia and Amhara regions […] Continue reading →

Richest 1 Percent Get 82 Percent of the Wealth 77 Ethiopians living below the poverty line Oxfam

Employees of the Eastern Industrial Zone shoe manufacturing park at work in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, on Sept. 5, 2017. (Sharon Tshipa/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images) The advocacy group claims the growing disparity shows that the global economy values wealth over work. By Katelyn Newman , Digital Producer, Staff Writer |Jan. 22, 2018, at 9:10 a.m. Oxfam: World’s Richest 1 […] Continue reading →

Ethiopia is called to democratise and stop ethnic clashes!

US embassy in the capital Addis Ababa said it had received “troubling reports of ethnic violence and the large-scale displacement of people”. The United States on Tuesday urged Ethiopia to investigate deadly clashes between two of the country’s major ethnic groups that have caused tens of thousands to flee. “We believe Ethiopia’s future as a strong, prosperous, […] Continue reading →

Kenyan Court overturns 2017 presidential election

  “A very historic day for the people of Kenya and by extension the people of Africa.”Raila Odinga The Kenyan court says the election was not conducted in accordance with the Constitution and has called for a new vote within 60 days. Odinga has claimed the results were hacked into and manipulated in favor of President Uhuru […] Continue reading →

Libyan ISIS beheaded Ethiopian Christians in cold-blood

  Video seems to show militants in Libya holding one group of at least 16 captive on a beach and 12 others in a desert Before the killings a masked fighter in black brandishes a pistol as he vows to kill Christians if they do not convert  Ethiopia unable to confirm its citizens were killed by militants in […] Continue reading →