Amhara mass Protest against genocide in Ethiopia!

  Mass Amharas are protesting all over Amhara regional state against massacre and forced displacement. It took a form of genocide since the coming to power of Abiy Ahmed in 2018, however, the killings started in early 90’s with TPLF(Tigray People’s Liberation Front) regime coming to power.

Protesters are also denouncing Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed who is blamed for failing to stop the attacks. Banners are blaming Abiy Ahmed for the June 22 multiple assassinations of senior regional officials in Bahir Dar and Addis Ababa.

The mass protest initially rekindled on April 19 in the cities Bahir Dar, Wolldia, Finote Selam, Dessie, Debre Berhan, and Debre Markos. They are denouncing the Prosperity Party (PP) of Abiy Ahmed. PP is accused of failing to prevent the killings of Amharas in North Shewa and Western Oromia, as well as in Benshangul-Gumuz Regional State’s Metekel Zone the last six months. The latest spate of ethnic violence started in Ataye, North Shewa Zone, on April 16. However, mass killing of the Amharas by Oromo militias armed by Abiy Ahmed regime have been occurring since he came to power in April 2018. The OLF-S(Oromo Liberation Front-Shene) remains active in the western Oromia and North Shewa zones of the Amhara Region. The OLF-S’ killings continue in the western Oromia and North Shewa zones of the Amhara Region to this day.

The protesters main demand is the removal of Premier Abiy Ahmed from power.

Prof. Muse