Daily News Mashup 2022

Ethiopia: Government, Tigrayan forces agree to end a two-year war Aljazeera

Ethiopia does not need another Lethal Northern War ኢትዮጵያ ሌላ ገዳይ የሰሜን ጦርነት አያስፈልጋትም

1.- Ethiopian Air Force Shots Down Plane Carrying Weapon to TPLF Walta

2.- ‘Large-scale’ fighting shatters lull in Ethiopia’s TigrayThe Associated Press 

3.- Fighting Resumes In Northern Ethiopia After Five-month LullBarron’s

4.- Ethiopia: TPLF Alleges Government Attacks in Ethiopia’s Tigray – AllAfrica

5.-Key events in the war in northern Ethiopia – KELO

6.-Fighting resumes in Ethiopia despite truce – Tigray forces Al Jazeera

7.- ‘Large-scale attack’ in Ethiopia’s Tigray   – The Singleton Argus

8.- Ethiopia: Tigray rebels accuse government forces of new, large offensive– DW

Discussion Themes – የውይይት አርሥተ-ሃሳቦች 

1.- Analyze how Northern Ethiopia has been a doorway to war destruction.

1.- ሰሜናዊት ኢትዮጵያ ለጦርነትና ውድመት መግቢያ በር እንደነበረች ተንትኑ።

2.- Discuss and demonstrate how “the coming to power of Abiy Ethiopia has been a mother of all atrocities.”

2.- “የአብይ ኢትዮጵያ ወደ ስልጣን መምጣት ሃግሪቱን የልቂት ሁሉ እናት እንደደርጋት” ተወያይና አሳይ።

3.- Does Ethiopia need another Lethal Northern War?

3.- ኢትዮጵያ ሌላ ገዳይ የሰሜን ጦርነት ያስፈልጋታል?

4.- How could one stop the vicious circle of war and killing and alleviate Ethiopia’s 20 million starving population?   

4.- 20 ሚሊዮን የኢትዮጵያን ከረሃብ ለመታደግ ባግገርይቱ የሰፈነውን ጦርነትና ይልቂት አዙሪት እንዴት ማስቆም ይቻላል?

Abiy’s Role in Welga’s cold-blooded Amhara massacre የአብይ ሚና በወለጋ የአማራን ጭፍጨፋ

1.- What are the direct and indirect roles played by Abiy in the Welga Amhara massacre?

በወለጋ የአማራ እልቂት ውስጥ አብይ የተጫወተው ቀጥተኛ እና ቀጥተኛ ያልሆነ ሚና ምን ይመስላል?

2.- Why did Abiy try to cover up the mass killing in his recent Twitter message?

     አብይ በቅርቡ በትዊተር ባስተላለፈው መልእክት የጅምላ ግድያውን ለመሸፈን ለምን ሞከረ?

3.- Analyse the process that led to the recent Amhara massacre in Welga?

     በቅርቡ በወለጋ የአማራን እልቂት ያስከተለውን ሂደት ይተንትኑ?

4.- Discuss the complicity of Abiy’s regime in the Ethiopian Amhara Genocide?

 በኢትዮጵያ የአማራ የዘር ማጥፋት ወንጀል የአብይ መንግስት ተባባሪነት ተወያዩበት?

1.- Locals in Ethiopia’s Oromia ‘Waiting to Die’ After Latest Mass Killing – VOA

2.-Ethiopia: more than 200 Amhara people killed in attack blamed on rebels-Guardian

3.- Attack in Ethiopia kills at least 260 Manning River Times

4.-  Ethiopia violence in Oromia: ‘Villages full of dead bodies’ – Yahoo

5.- US voices alarm over alleged mass killings in Ethiopia – Ahram Online

6.- ‘We are not safe’: Ethiopians flee massacre that killed hundreds – The Indian Express

7.-  Oromo Separatist Group Blamed for Massacre in Southern Ethiopia – The National Interest 

 8 .- Alert: Witnesses say more than 200 killed in attack on ethnic Amhara in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, with rebel group San Francisco Chronicle

9.- Locals in Ethiopia’s Oromia ‘Waiting to Die’ After Latest Mass Killing – VOA

Religion Weapon of Ethiopian Destruction? ሃይማኖት የኢትዮጵያ መደምሰሻ መሳሪያ ነውን?

1.- Over 20 Killed in Anti-Muslim Attack in Ethiopia: Islamic Group – The Defense Post

2.- Churches burned in Site zone of South Ethiopia, at least three were killedborkena.com

3.- Ethiopians observe grand iftar on capital streets, decry communal violenceThe Muslim News

4.- Muslims gather in Ethiopia to denounce anti-muslim violence – Africanews English

5.- Ambush kills 20 Muslim worshippers in Ethiopia’s Amhara region – Al Jazeera English

6.- Mobs Burn Mosques And Churches In Ethiopia –  Peacefmonline.com

7.- 373 arrested over deadly unrest in Ethiopian city – 5 Dariya News

8.- Mufti Haji Omar Idris Calls on Ethiopians to Condemn Religious ViolenceSatenaw

9.- Ethiopian Islamic body urges for probe into deadly Islamophobic attack – Daily Sabah

10.-Ethiopians observe grand iftar on capital streets, decry communal violence the Muslim News

Ethiopian Flag Vis Regime’s Emblem የኢትዮጵያ ቢሔራዊ ሰንደቅ አንጻረ መንግስት አርማ – 04 Feb 

1.-Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed calls for calm after flag protests

2.- Ethiopia: ልዩ መረጃ -ያልተፈታዉ የሰንደቅ አላማ ፖለቲካ!|ኢትዮታይምስ video

3.-Ethiopia capital rocked by flag crisis; PM, police chief warn saboteursafricanews

4.-Oromia Police shot dead two, injure several others at Timket over flag controversy – addisstandard.com

5.-Ethiopian activists fume at ‘useless’ flag clashes, death reported – Africanews

6.-Stop Confusing the Ethiopian Flag with the Insignias and Emblems of Changing Regimes – borkena

7.-Ethiopia: The Ethiopian flag as symbol of unity – nazret.com

8.-Ethiopia civil war: Stories of war crimes uncovered in AmharaChannel 4 News

9.-Ethiopian Airlines employees are fleeing the country by hiding in the planes they work – CNN

10.-Who’s sending armed drones to Ethiopia?BBC 

Abiy’s Amhara Genocidal Protocol Exposed የአብይ የአማራ የዘር ማጥፋት ፕሮቶኮል ተጋለጠ – 28 Jan 

1- አማራ ላይ ያነጣጠረው የብልጽግና ሰነድ “Ethio 360 Zare Min Ale ” 

2.-Oromia Police Shot Dead Two, Injure Several Others At Timket Festival Over Flag ControversyAllAfrica

3.-Ethiopia capital rocked by flag crisis; PM, police chief warn saboteurs – africanews

4.- Ethiopian activists fume at ‘useless’ flag clashes, death reported – Africanews English

5.- Nobel body criticizes Nobel Peace Prize winner Abiy over war – Ravalli Republic

7 – Ethiopia PM must end Tigray conflict, Nobel committee says – Euronews

8.- በአማራ ህዝብ ላይ የተዘጋጀው አደገኛ ሰነድ | “ፋኖን በትኑ” የብልጽግና አዲሱ ዜማ| Ethio 251 Media | Ethiopia Today

9.- አነጋጋሪው የብልጽግና ሰነድ| Amhara | Tigray | Fano | Oromiya | Wolega | OLF |TPLF | Wolkait | Raya

10.- ሚስጥራዊው የብልጽግና ሰነድ | አማራ ክልል ተቃወመው | Ethiopia | Amhara

11.- አደገኛው የብልፅግና ሰነድ | ፋኖ አስቸኳይ ስብሰባ ተጠርቷል | የኮሎኔል ደመቀ ማስጠንቀቂያ | Sheger Times Media

Fano “To Disarm or To Organize”ፋኖ ነፍጥ ይፍታ ወይም ይደራጅ”?

Gov’t ‘organizes, not disarm’ Fano members who fought for the survival of country: Amhara state – addisstandard

Bahir Dar city Security Council Command Post calls on local Fano members to register under gov’t security structure, residents to register firearms within five days

Ethiopia PM must end Tigray conflict, Nobel committee says – Reuters

Facebook owner to ‘assess feasibility’ of hate speech study in Ethiopia – The Guardian

Ethiopian massacres and the UNNewlines Magazine

Conflict leaves Ethiopia’s children alone and vulnerable

“ፋኖ ተሰርቶበታል” | “ሲፈልጉ ተኩሱ ሲፈልጉ አቁሙ ብሎ ነገር የለም” | Ethiopia | Fano  – 

ባህርዳር የመጣሁት ዋጋ የከፈሉ ፋኖዎችን ለማመስገን ነው

የሚያግዘኝ አግኝቻለሁ!” | “አንድ ፋኖ፣ አንድ አማራ፣ አንዲት ኢትዮጵያ!” | አርበኛ መሳፍንት

ዘመነ ለመንግስት መልስ ሰጠ ህዋት ልጁ ኦነግ ባላንጣው ጉ!! The Fono Leaders Zemene Kase 

Abiy Unilaterally Betrayed Ethiopia To TPLF

Fano The Torch of Ethiopian Liberation!

Fano – A living saviour of the Amhara people And the Ethiopian spirit / borkena.com

Fano militia expanding in Amhara | New pics of drones on Harar Meda TDF’s camouflaged weapons/ My Views News

Fano – / እርስታችንን አናስደፍርም / የአማራ ፋኖዎች አስገራሚ ንግግር/ Fano Amhara

 Fano  – ሰበር ቪዲዮ በአዲ አርቃይ ግንባር ውጊያ መሀል ከፋኖ ታዴ ጋር/ Feta Daily 

Fano – ለጀግኖቹ የጃዊ ሰማዕታት ፋኖዎች በትውልድ መንደራቸው የቀጠሮ ልቅሶ ተካሄደላቸው/ MARDA MEDIA 

Fano- አስገራሚ የሞጣ ፋኖዎች ምረቃ ሙሉ ፕሮግራም/

Fano – / እርስታችንን አናስደፍርም / የአማራ ፋኖዎች አስገራሚ ንግግር/ Fano Amhara

Ethiopia Crisis Response Plan 2022 – Ethiopia/ ReliefWeb

 Impoverished Ethiopia seeks extra $2.5 bln to rebuild from war/ Reuters

Mother Ethiopia Rise & Shine!

1.- Ethiopia: Historic Battle For The Mother Of Africa – OpEd

2.-The Nobel Peace Prize That Paved the Way for War in Ethiopia – The New York Times

3.- Ethiopian civil war divides diaspora in the US – BBC News

4.-What could happen next in Ethiopia’s war of attrition?African Arguments

5.-  UN rights council orders probe into abuses in Ethiopia’s conflict – Al Jazeera 

6.- What could happen next in Ethiopia’s war of attrition? – African Arguments

7.- The war in Ethiopia is 2021’s hidden conflict – Associated Press

8.- Time to End Ethiopia’s Unwinnable Civil War – Ethiopia – ReliefWeb

9.- Over Ethiopia’s objections, UN rights body backs war monitor – The Washington Post

10.-More reporters arrested in a renewed crackdown in Ethiopia | Reporters without borders

Amhara’s battle for Ethiopian survival

1.- Seven million people require urgent assistance in war-affected areas of Amhara Reporter Ethiopia

2.- Thousands Forced to Flee Homes in Ethiopia’s Western Tigray After Fighter Raids – Bloomberg

3.- Ethiopia’s Tigray forces raped Amhara womenAssociated Press

4.- Peace Is Still Possible in Ethiopia: How to Avoid a Balkan-Style Catastrophe in the Horn of AfricaForeign Affairs

4.-  Abiy Ahmed: Will a Nobel peace laureate be wanted in The Hague? –Daily News Egypt

5.- Ethiopia Government Clamps Down On War CoverageAllAfrica

6.-  In Ethiopia’s Amhara region, civilians pay the price of conflict – FRANCE 24

7.- Humanitarian assistance ‘not enough’ to meet the increasing number of IDPs in North, South Wollo Zones of Amhara Regionaddisstandard

8.- Ethiopian families fleeing fighting describe hunger, rape in Amhara – Reuters

9.- Ethiopia’s war in uncertain phase after Abiy’s advance – FRANCE 24

10.-‘UN resolution needed demanding both sides put down weapons and go to the negotiating table’, says former acting US ambassador to EthiopiaChannel 4 News

Ethiopia’s Last Minute Hero!

Ethiopia War & Peace Rhetoric!

1.- Can African Leaders End Ethiopia’s War? – Foreign Policy

2.- Who Can Resolve Ethiopia’s Catastrophic Conflict? – Fair Observer

3.-  The case for peace and reconciliation in Ethiopia – New Europe

4.- Ethiopia’s peace must start with building trust among its people – Garowe Online

5.- Four scenarios & funeral(s): Ethiopian powder keg is ready to explode in tragic ways Maverick

6.-  Who Can Resolve Ethiopia’s Catastrophic Conflict? – Fair Observer

7.-  Ethiopia on the brink of ‘irreversible state collapse’- The Week UK

8.-  The U.S. Wants to Turn Ethiopia Into Bosnia – 

9.-   Ethiopia – Tigray: Fears grow of ‘descent into warlordism’ if TPLF takes Addis – The Africa Report

10.-  Ethiopia on the brink as crisis threatens ‘peace and stability’ of region – MSR News Online

11.- Ethiopia crisis raises new fears as civil war shows no signs of abating – Yahoo News UK

 12.- Ethiopia’s civil war a threat to regional security – Arab News


Ethiopian Crisis Would Result in Coup or Foreign Intervention? 

1.-Ethiopia’s Civil War Is a Problem U.S. Troops Can Help Solve – Bloomberg

2.- U.S. top diplomat Blinken says concerned Ethiopia has potential to “implode” – Reuters

3.- World and Regional Powers Shape the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia Bites the Dust – CounterPunch

4.-How Violence and Incompetence Stole Ethiopia’s Transition – 

5.- Ethiopia war: Kenyatta in Addis Ababa, AU calls for a ceasefire – Al Jazeera

6.- Ethiopia Conflict a Sign of Failed Politics, Says Olusegun Obasanjo – AllAfrica.com

7.- Washington calls for an end to the fighting in Ethiopia – asumetech

8.- Blinken says all sides see dangers of perpetuating conflict in Ethiopia  – Devdiscourse

9.- Who can resolve Ethiopia’s conflict? | Inside Story – Al Jazeera

10.-Conflict in the Horn of Africa Should Worry Israel » Mosaic – Mosaic

11.-Tigray conflict: Once a trusted Western ally, Ethiopia becomes a strategic headache – FRANCE 24 

12.-Is it too late for peaceful reconciliation in Ethiopian crisis? -The Nation Newspaper

13.-Ethiopia’s War Is Tearing the Country Apart – The New York Times

14.-Observers See Window Closing on a Political Solution in Ethiopia – Voice of America

15.- Ethiopia, the world fears a new Afghanistan – D1SoftballNews.com

16.- Why Ethiopia Should Trust the West – Foreign Policy

17.-Ethnic wars threaten the end of Ethiopia – Toronto Sun

Ethiopian Civil-war Principal Cause is the Politics of Identity

1.- Ethiopia appears to be detaining people ‘based on ethnicity,’ human rights commission warns – CNN

2.- Tens of thousands rally in Ethiopia to support govt campaign against rebels, denounce USFRANCE 24 

3.- Eight Gropsu Join Tigray Rebels Vowing to Oust Ethiopia’s Leader – The New York Times

4.- Tell us: how you have been affected by the situation in Ethiopia? – 

5.- ከአዲስ አበበ ሌላ ጉዳይ የለንም – የጌታቸው ረዳ ቃለ መጠይቅ | Getachew Reda interview – VOA

6.-ዳግማዊ ካሊጉላ፣ አቢይ አህመድን የምት*ከተሉ ወዮ*ላችሁBaro Tube

7.- Security Council ‘deeply concerned’ by expanding clashes in northern Ethiopia – UN News

8.-Rebels are closing in on Ethiopia’s capital. Its collapse could bring regional chaos – NPR

9.- The Guardian view on Ethiopia: sliding deeper into disaster – The Guardian

10.-Latter-day Saint missionaries transferred out of Ethiopia as war escalatesKSL.com

11.- UN supports Obasanjo’s role in crisis-torn EthiopiaP.M. News

12.- Why people in Ethiopia’s capital are being told to arm themselves against rebels – ITV News

13.-AU fails Tigrayans as Abiy abets civil war – Business Day

14.-AU Peace & Security Council Convenes Emergency Session On Ethiopia Today – AllAfrica.com

15.-AU chairperson calls for immediate cessation of hostilities in Ethiopia – CGTN

Ethiopia in a Civil, Conventional, or People’s War?

1.* Ethiopia’s Chosen One: A Brutal War Waged By a Nobel Peace Prize LaureateDER SPIEGEL 

2* Abiy’s offensive against Tigray collapses: Dreams of a ‘new Ethiopia’ arise – Daily Maverick

3* Ethiopian PM urges citizens to fight as rebels advance towards capital – The Times

4* Tigrayan and Oromo forces say they have seized towns on Ethiopian highway – Reuters

5* US Government imposes economic sanctions on Ethiopia targeting certain individuals; DDTC announces addition of Ethiopia to list of countries subject to arms embargoGlobalComplianceNews

6* U.S. Secretary of State alarmed by news of Ethiopia’s TPLF takeover of two towns Reuters

7* New battle for Ethiopian cityThe News International

 8* Tigray crisis: How the West has fallen out with Ethiopia’s PM – yahoo.com

9* Rebels in Ethiopia claim control of major northern towns – WNYC

10* Ethiopian forces battle Tigrayan rebels for control of key town – FRANCE 24 English

11* Key events in a year of war in northern Ethiopia – Reuters

12*PM Abiy Ahmed urges Ethiopians to take up arms to stop TDF advances – Garowe Online

13* Ethiopia gov’t accuses Tigray rebels of killing 100 in Kombolcha – Al Jazeera English

Fano Battle of Dessie & The Survival of Ethiopia

1.# New airstrikes hit capital of Ethiopia’s Tigray region –  ASSOCIATED PRESS AP

2.# Tigray rebel offensive triggers food insecurity, displacement in AmharaThe New Humanitarian

3.#  Ethiopian families fleeing fighting describe hunger, rape in Amhara – Reuters

4.# UN- Emergency Relief Coordinator Martin Griffiths statement on Ethiopia, 22 Ocት 2021 – ReliefWeb

5.# Mekelle struck, residents flee Amhara as Ethiopia battle intensifies – CNN

6.# Op-ed: Don’t ignore the war in Ethiopia – Chicago Tribune

7.# Amhara militia take up arms against Tigray rebels | Africanews

8.# The civil war in Ethiopia is intensifyingWUNC

9.# የፋኖ ጀግኖች ጥሪ ለአማራ ህዝብ ደሴና ኮምቦልቻ ህወሀት ትንኮሳውን አሁንም ቀጥሏልFeta Daily

10.# የፋኖው ተዋጊ ያጋለጡት ምስጢር | የፋኖ አባላት ላይ እየተሰራ ያለው ሸፍጥ | ህወሃት ኮምቦልቻና ደሴ Yeneta

11.# የፋኖ ዘመቻ በጀት የተገደሉት የህውሀት ታጣቂዎች ደሴ ምን ተፈጠረ – Ethio trust ኢትዮ ትረስት

12.# የፋኖ አባላት በወሎ ግንባር Fanos in Dessie – Amhara Media Corporation

13.#ቆሎ ሳይቀምሱ ምሽግ ዉለዉ ምሽግ አዳሪ የፋኖ ጀግኖች | ከግንባር ለመንግስት አስቸኳይ መልዕክት ላኩ Ygna Tv

Ethiopian Civil War End Game by Negotiation or Victory

Ethiopia Is Plunging Into Chaos. It’s Time for a New Dayton Peace Process.POLITICO

Ethiopia’s civil war may be getting worse –  NPR

Ethiopia’s year-long civil war may be entering a more destructive phaseNPR

Ethiopia is losing friends and influence The Economist

Nightmare in Ethiopia As Millions Starve Newsweek

Both sides in Ethiopia’s conflict stand accused of war crimes – The Economist

Ethiopia stands on the brink of escalating civil war and state failure– Our Community Now at Washington, D.C.

Ethiopia: Abiy Ahmed Vs Debretsion Gebremichael, former spymasters duelThe Africa Report

New military offensive in northern Ethiopia fuels worsening humanitarian disaster – The Globe and Mail

A ‘balanced’ approach to Abiy’s Medieval War Makes a Mockery… – MENAFN.COM

Fears for humanitarian crisis engulfing Tigray as Abiy Ahmed launches make or break war – The Independent

UN calls for unimpeded humanitarian access to volatile N. EthiopiaSify News

     Ethiopia’s expanding civil war: ‘We see a very worrying trajectory’ • FRANCE 24 English video

Ethiopia’s Abiy Ahmed: The Nobel Prize winner who went to warYahoo News

      Crisis In Ethiopia: Breaking Through the Propaganda, w/ Eugene PuryearBreakThrough News

Time To Save Ethiopia from Ethiopians?

Time is running out for Abiy’s ‘new beginning’ in EthiopiaAtlantic Council

Ethiopia crisis ‘stain on our conscience’Associated Press

Famine in Ethiopia: Is the world averting its eyes? The Christian Science Monitor

Antonio Guterres paints bleak picture of an Ethiopia on the brink of calamityToday News Africa

US Envoy to UN Urges Security Council to Use All Tools to Ensure Aid Reaches TigrayUrduPoint News

US warns sanction Ethiopia after airline ferried weapons during Tigray warCNN

Irish Envoy to UN Warns of Mass Mortality in Ethiopia if Assistance Not Scaled UpSputnik

Ethiopia (Tigray, Amhara & Afar): Humanitarian Catastrophe – UN chief at Security CouncilUnited Nations

Heavy Is the Head: The Trials of Abiy AhmedThe Economist

Ethiopia is losing friends and influence  –The Economist

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