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 Who is Liable for Ethiopia’s Massacre Executive or Executor

1.- Ethiopian government designates TPLF, Shene as terrorist organizations-  CGTN video 

2.- The Fleeting Promise of a Peaceful EthiopiaThe Atlantic

3- Bluff and subterfuge: Eritrea’s letter to the UN Ethiopia Insight

4.”Clean out our insides”: Ethiopia detains Tigrayans amid war Devdiscourse

5.- Attackers kill at least 20 in attack in Ethiopia’s Oromia region, says official  Reuters

6.- Armed group takes control of county in western Ethiopia – rights commission– Reuters

7.- ‘A Fire Within’ tells story of Ethiopian women who take on their torturerAtlanta Journal Constitution

8.- Two killed in blast in Ethiopian capital blamed on hand grenadeReuters

 9.- Egypt: Ethiopia refuses mediation to solve Renaissance Dam crisisArab News

10.- Suspected rebels kill 15 civilians in western Ethiopia: officialMacau Business

11.-  Over 100 killed in clashes in Ethiopia’s Afar, Somali regionsAl Jazeera English

12.-  Ethiopia: Over 1 million displaced in Tigray, UNICEFInfoMigrants

 Amhara Protest & Abby’s End – Mengistu or Gaddafi’s choice! 

1.- Ethiopian police teargas protesters in Amhara: local party official – Reuters

2.-Protests in Ethiopia’s Amhara region as two villages destroyed in ethnic violence Morning Star

3.- Protests  in multiple cities in Amhara region denouncing attacks against Amhara – addisstandard

4.- Ethiopian gov’t response to the ongoing protest against Amhara genocide – borkena.com

5.- Ethnic violence in Ethiopia’s Amhara kills ‘up to 200’: Official | Daily Sabah – Daily Sabah

6.- Protesters urge Biden to take action against Ethiopia for genocide

       of Amhara, Orthodox Christians -Christian Post

7.- Ethiopia: Tigray, Sudan, Amhara… The multiple crises of Abiy Ahmed – The Africa Report

8.- Why is ethnic violence surging in Ethiopia? – aljazeera

9.- Ethiopia: Terara Network | የአጣዬ መንገድ የት ያደርሰናል? Video Terara Network

10.Death toll from clashes between Ethiopian Amhara, Oromo groups rises to 50 -residentsReuters 

11.- Amid violence, Ethiopia declares state of emergency in Amhara – aljazeera

Abiy’s Nightmare to be legitimate & Elected Premier of Ethiopia! 

1.- Ethiopia announces national election to be held in June – FRANCE 24 English

2.-Ethiopia: Board Discusses Progress, Challenges Faced in Election Process – AllAfrica.com

3.- 6th General Elections Would Not be Held in Tigray: Officials – Ezega

4.- Ethiopia’s 2021 elections: rules, actors, and mechanisms – Ethiopia Insight

5.-Harari National Congress says decision by Electoral Board ‘Not acceptable’ – addisstandard.com

6.- At Least 100 Killed in Border Clashes Between Ethiopia’s Somali and Afar Regions – U.S. News

7.- Brutal conflict in Tigray threatens breakup of Ethiopia – WSWS

8.-Ethiopia establishes national committee to oversee upcoming June election – cgtn.com

9.- Ethiopia: voter registration did not happen in some places, says Election Board – borkena.com

10.-Ethiopia postpones voters’ registration for general elections, citing regional delays – Xinhua

11.Ethiopia: Election campaign in full swing –  Anadolu Agency

12.-በአራት ተፎካካሪ የፖለቲካ ፓርቲዎች መከካል የተደረገ የመጀመሪያ ዙር የምርጫ ክርክር #FANA VIDEO AMHARIC 

13.- ተቃዋሚዎችን ያስቆጣው፤ ዐቢይ ስለምርጫው ንግግር Abiy on Election 2021 –  Zehabesha VIDEO AMHARIC 

 War Drum On the Ethiopian Dam! የጦርነት ነጋሪት በኢትዮጵያ ግድብ ላይ!

1.-  Egypt-Sudan hold military exercise amid crisis with EthiopiaAl-Monitor

2.- Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam: ‘All Options Open’, Egypt Warns After Another Collapse in TalksSputnik Int

3.- ‘All options are on the table’: Egypt’s president warns on Ethiopian dam – The National

4.- US, Ethiopia Discuss Importance of Continued Regional Dialogue on GERD – Asharq Al-awsat – 

5.- Sudan says Nile dam talks end without progress due to “Ethiopian obstinacy”Capital FM Kenya

6.- Egypt supports South Sudan to secure Nile share –  Al-Monitor

7.- Climate change threatens the Nile’s critical water supplyQuartz

8.- How will the second filling of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam harm Egyptians? Egypttoday

9.-Ethiopia vows to defy threats from neighbours and fill mega-damThe Times

10- Renaissance Dam: Houthis propose mediation for Ethiopia, Sudan, Egypt – Middle East Monitor

11.- Ethiopia invites Egypt, Sudan to nominate operators in data exchange on GERD’s 2nd fillingDaily News Egypt

12.- Egypt rejects Ethiopian invitation to exchange data on second GERD fillingDaily News Egypt

13.- Dam crisis: Options at hand for Egypt – opinionThe Jerusalem Post

14.-Nile dam crisis: Egypt and Sudan reject ‘suspicious’ Ethiopian proposalThe National

15.-Archbishop of Alexandria warns that dam project has reached a ‘potentially dangerous’ phase –  Church Times

16.- Egypt, Uganda sign security cooperation agreement as Sisi warns Ethiopia over Nile dam The New Arab

17.- Egypt’s Sisi threatens Ethiopia with war over Nile dam  – PRESSTV

18.- A Cold War is Brewing on the Blue NileBloomberg

19.-Tensions Mount in North Africa After Dam Talks End in FailureThe Media Line

20.-Negotiations over GERD dispute fail to reach agreement China daily USA

Amharaness is a Deathtrap in Ethiopia under Abiy! ዓማራነት በኢትዮጵያ በአብይ ስርዓተ-መቅሰፈት ያስጠምዳል

1.- Horo Guduru : Amhara massacre confirmed, NaMA accuses gov’tborkena.com

  2.- A Nobel Peace Laureate and Horror in EthiopiaYahoo News

3.-  Dozens massacred in latest targeted attack on ethnic AmharaSatenaw

4.-  Opposition party condemns the killing of ethnic Amharas in Oromia  Reporter Ethiopia

5.- Gunmen kill 30 people in attack in western Ethiopia, witnesses sayReuters

 6.-  Amhara region President warns fed. gov’t to seek solution 

      to stop Amhara killings, wants emergency meeting  – addisstandard.com

7.- Over 50 ethnic Amhara killed in attack on village by armed groupAmnesty International

8- Amharas Killed in Ongoing Violence in Oromia Special Zone & North Shewa, AllAfrica

9.- Rape, extrajudicial executions, homes set alight in operations in Amhara & OromiaAmnesty 

10.-Targeted attacks continue to claim ethnic Amhara people in 

     central Ethiopia : official –Journalducameroun.com


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