Ethiopian capital hit with deadly ethnic protest as a reminiscence of Rwandan type Genocide many died and wounded

Ethiopian capital hit with deadly ethnic protest as a reminiscence of 1994 Rwandan type Genocide in the suburb of the city, and many seen fleeing in desperation. An unknown numbers killed and wounded. weomen were rapped and thierr body part mutlated. Scores of Addis Ababa residents demonstrated in front of the state broadcaster calling for the perpetrators many were shot by governmental Agazian forces.

The violence broke out Saturday on the return of the  Eritrea based exiled leaders of the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF). The incident seems  to have been perpetuated indirectly by Eritrean trained agitators, a regime recently claimed  have made peace with ethiopia after  bloody  30 year of secession war in 1991.

Since the coming to power of PM Abiy Ahmed in April many regions of Ethiopia became a killing field of Rwanda 1994 type ethnic cleansing field. 

The U.N. Children’s Fund UNICEF said “in August that as many as 2.8 million Ethiopians were internally displaced, mainly due to ethnic-based attacks in various parts of the country.”

In August in somali region many killed and wounded thousands were displaced churches burned.

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Prof Muse is one of the six founders and responsible for EPPF on 15 June 1998 in Awegaro. A city not far between Ethiopia and the Eritrean border. Today, he still struggling for the liberation of free democratic Ethiopia under the auspices of EPPF.

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