Organizational Affairs

Organizational Affairs Officer of EPPF:

The director of organizational position is responsible for managing and supporting the assessment of organizational needs and the design, implementation and evaluation of programs that facilitate the development and continuous learning of EPPF members, particularly elected and young leaders.

7. Duties, Tasks, Responsibilities, mission

  1. Responsibility of Planning  and leads short- and long-term planning for   EPPF programs.
  2. Task of Managing organizational development of EPPF.
  3. Duty of Implementation of EPPF programs, policies, strategies and goals within members.
  4. Mission of  Evaluating strategies and programs to measure the achievement of EPPF established goals.
  5. Responsibility of Preparing budgetary recommendations that meet resources for EPPF conferences etc.
  6. Task of Supervising  a group of members in a team unit, each performing in their given responsibilities and activities.
  7. Mission of Assisting  the facilitation and coaching of young members regarding Organizational development methods and tools of EPPF.

2018/2019 Elected

  1. Rahel Mamo 2. Gizat Anteneh 3. Getachew Abebe 4. Jafar Mohammed