EPPF’s 10 Eritrea manifesto Why EPPF Left Eritrea

  1. We left Eritrea due to the Eritrean regime had been in conflict with us due to its permanent insistence for the eventual   forced transformation of our liberation movement into its own proxy fighter in the model of Al Shabab.
  2. We left Eritrea in view of the fact that the Eritrean regime forced over 1000 of our fighter to surrender to Ethiopian regime in 2007 due to forced manual labor in Eritrea and inhuman treatment in the training camps.
  3. We left Eritrea since the Eritreans Regime employing our members   to work in the southern farms in a forced labor
  4. We left Eritrea because the Isaias Afwerki regime of Eritrean preparing its master plan of dismantling Ethiopia by creating Ethnic armed movements.
  5. We left Eritrea due to the forces imposed deployment of our forces inside Ethiopia solely in areas and regions proposed by the dictatorial regime of Eritrea.
  6. We left Eritrea since   the Eritrean regime started indoctrinating   other ethnical groups for over 3 years the ideology of hate against our pro-Ethiopian movement majority Amharic speakers.
  7. We left Eritrea since the Eritrean regime imposed the Tigerian leader the late Mr. Fisseha Haile Mariam as a leader of the new forced ethnical coalition while EPPF is not one.
  8. We left Eritrea since the Eritrean regime imposed a conflict that caused the assassination of the TPDM  leader Mr. Fisseha Haile Mariam by Eritrean soldier named Mr. Berhane a trainer of Al Shabab in Daylight.
  9. We left Eritrea  since the  principal objective of the Eritrean regime is to fulfill its raison de être  the  control of the source of the Nile as conceived and prepared by Gamal Abdel Nasser  as his  Millennium dream of Egypt when he helped found the Eritrean Liberation Front in 1960’s
  10. Eritrea since the Eritrean regime finally   imposed our departure and forced us to live its territory.