Getachew Abebe DK

1.MU # Ethiopianism Revolutionary Paradigm 3 Dimensions Evaluation August 13 2018 Part 2.2

Evaluation questions from 22-37 about Ethiopian human nature, social, science parameters (3D. Paradigm) the

social structure of human existence why it’s denied and how we interpret our reality and so on.

2 .EPPF አርበኞች ግንባር የተሰጠ መግለጫ በአዲስ አበባና አካባቢዋ በተፈፀው ግድያ EPPF Communique 2018/3 #News Analysis የዜና-ንትርክ CrossTalk August 11, 2017/29

Criticizing the Prime Minister false statement on the economic boom. despite there is a very high inflation and the currency is devaluing. Since they have the bad policy towards the sector. there is nothing changed, rather the living standard of the people is under poverty and the lives of the people become worsen from time to time.

4.EMU-Ethiopianism Evolutionary Paradigm Functionalism Discussion April 18 P19-2018.7

Society & community historical context of Purso (Nmesa) during Ferdinand Tonnies. How persons were disappeared & the creation of Germany in 1870 after a war between France & Purso. Following this the Prussian king William I appointed Bismarck and he crashed the socialist ideologies members.

Then he proposed the Berlin conference in 1885 & the scramble of Africa begun. since that time all the consequences are the result of that meeting today in Africa. The central point is strong Germany during WWI and the Ethiopian kings’ historical context because Germany was the loser on the first world war from 1914-1919 and Ethiopia during lij Iyasu from 1913-16  was an ally of Germany then we have lost the Adwa victory over Italy even though we win the war strategically lost many territorial parts.

5.httpsMU Ethiopianism Evolutionary Paradigm Neopositivism ስልጣን ከመለወጥ መቀያየር Exchange & Power Ap 28፣ 2018.9

Commentary after the course historical relations between Austria & Ethiopia context after the post-war how dictatorial regime extend (maintain ) their power by using values for the mass to their own interest. # Cross Debate & Analysis ንትርክና ግምገማ 2 Mars 2018.8 -122nd Anniv. Battle of Adwa

Commenting on the second state of emergency and the massacre of TPLF apartheid regime in Ethiopia and the people’s uprising and struggle will bring down the regime and cannot survive too long. # Cross Debate & Analysis ንትርክና ግምገማ 30 Mars 2018.12

All this trouble in our country, massacres, displacement, arbitrary detention and so on is the regimes Ideological result. mainly it is because of the constitutions because it is dividing the nation based on language and ethnic federalism so the coming of dr. Abye from the party alone wont bring any change in the country since he does not have any authorization of the military and the intelligence. So the country is under the state of emergency he may bring cosmetic change but we can’t say this change but as long as the change is a process and if preconditions are placed and implemented and fulfilled then he can be used as a bridge like south African Declarke…. “If “ but they bring him to defend the us house resolution (HR 128)

Taking conditional positions with the other groups # ንትርክና ግምገማ Debate & Analysis 7 November 2018.41

Leading the team and presenting the synthesis if the ongoing situation in our country continue like these this will be the destruction and disintegration of our country because there is no institution which can prevent and control the situation , the justice and the police institution is on the side of specific ethnic group plus the role of media can aggravate the situation we can remember the situation in Rwanda the role of radio  Mille Collines so OMN is igniting fire on the same level. # ንትርክና ግምገማ Debate & Analysis 7 November 2018.41

First of all ,the election was free & fair as usual. Beside to this we have seen the Isaias Afewerki (Eritrean dictator ) and Ethiopian dictatorial regime situation the chaos are dramatically increasing and the Eritreans are strat mobilizing to denounce the dictator Isayas and also Abeye which is very good move so we have to keep fighting until our freedom.

10. # Cross Debate & Analysis ንትርክና ግምገማ 9/03 2018.9

The African Union is the dancing hole for the dictators since its established in 1963. the Ghanaian, Tanzanian, Ethiopian leaders play an important role in that time but after 55 years they can’t do anything for the continent because 73 % of its budget which they get is from donor countries from EU, USA,China, Turkey and World bank due to this fact those donors have intervention in internal affairs like political, social, economic  issues and have the power to make decisions so its paralyzed organization, at the conference they are talking about to make African unity and to fight corruption to use one currency this doesn’t work , Jomo Kenyatta, Nu Kurma , Haile Selassie were contribute a lot. Apart from this, the others did nothing, in the content francophone, Anglophone cannot be free from the colonial persuasions so Africa can’t be 1 at all. Every year 148 B USD will take out of Africa illegally among this our country takes the highest portion, those leaders since they are the western interest defender they will get immunity for their contributions. In General the African

11 . # Cross Debate & Analysis ንትርክና ግምገማ 16 Mars 2018.10

The Ethio-Russia has long historical relations especially in the previous military dictatorial regime (Derge) even before that when we look the Adwa war between Ethio – Italy war and the Derge final war they were stand with Ethiopians, when we look the current relations they are worried about the western power struggles in African soil so they also want to be appear as super nations like the others, and this relationships will benefited the regime since they are  in a great need of financial & military support so as to continues as a dictator in General this opportunity will enables the regime to survive.