Eng. Simegnew Bekele Ethiopia’s Nile Mega Dam manger assassinated in Addis Ababa

The assassination of Simegnew Bekele Engineer of Ethiopia’s Blue Nile Mega Dam is the second Simegnew’s death is the second of a high-profile company official gunmen ambushed and killed the country manager for Nigeria’s Dangote Cement, alongside two others in the Oromia region outside Addis Ababa.

Since the coming to power of PM Abiy, the impunity has overrun the country, ethnic cleansing is abundant in many of the Bantustan regions. In the recent explosion that wounded hundred and killed five in the day of support vigil of PM Abiy demonstrates the explosive situation in the country.

Ethiopia is pursuing “mega-projects” of megalomaniac proportion including dams, railways and industrial parks with the pretext of transforming its economy and pulling the country out of poverty rather drained the country out of any foreign reserve recently. Over 10 Million Ethiopians are famine situation in 2018.

Construction started in 2011, and two of its 16 turbines are scheduled to start producing power in 2018, the Ethiopian authorities said earlier this year. The dam dam has faced opposition from Egypt, which fears the $4-billion project on the Blue Nile will affect the river’s downstream flows.

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