Organs of EPPF

Organs of EPPF

EPPF is Composed Five main  Organs

  • 1.      The Secretariat

  • 2.     The Coordinating committees

  • 3.     The General Assembly

  • 4.     The Fronts

  • 5.     The Agents

The Secretariat is composed of

Administrator, Secretary, Treasurer, Registrar, Auditors,

The Coordinating committees are composed of

Social, Economic, Political, Paradigm, Ideology, Cultural,  Education, Information, Legal, intelligence, Security, Logistic, Health, Transport, Training & Fitness, Press & Propaganda, Communication,

The General Assembly is the supreme organ of the Organization

The Front is divided into 5 divisions .- Wleqiet, Armachho, Quara, Metekel & Abbay Valleys

The Agents are non elected representatives  members named for a specific  mandate by EPPF

 The General Assembly is the Supreme organ of EPPF.



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