Seleshie Telahune Enemy of Ethiopian Liberation – Spoiler &Double agent part 01


This a story of Sleshie Tilhun since 2004 up unto 2012 infiltrating Ethiopian  Liberation movements civil or armed  and end up breaking them apart.  This is the first serious of videos to expose those enemies of Ethiopian liberation in the last two decades. They usually plays in the beginning a great role but in the end their engagement will not give fruits.

Many are running for power the others for money. Seleshie Tilahune is one of them.  We have to start facing  them with all our means to stop these spoilers  in order  to reach to the true sense of liberation that all Ethiopians are expecting to reach  in this new era of post  Melese Zenawie Ethiopia.

2004 He was working as a head of Ethiopian regime a fake house distributing for Diaspora in London. Today most of the house is nationalized or confiscated.

2005 collected money for his own end in the name of knejet supporting committee in 2005 election from London.

Slick out the historical video of EPPF in 2006 gave it to the Ethiopian Embassy London.

Eri TV paid reporter since 2006 under the payroll of Mr. Mekuria Woldu of Eritrean TV.

Instigated Elias Kiflle to name Eritrean Dictator the “Person of the Year” in 2007…

Instigated Elias Kiflle to name again the Eritrean Minster of Information Ali Abdi “Person of the Year”…

In 2008 Interviewed the Eritrean dictator and named him the most democrats in Africa.

He has instigated the death of Kasshun Wonde in as failed mediator of his release in 2007.

He manipulated for the destruction of EPPF international committee in 2008.

He was working a head of Ethiopian regime a fake house distributing for Diaspora in London with Ethiopian Council today most of the house are nationalized.

Playing as fox in goats skin in a recently became founder of the new Ethiopian national Council.

Alcoholic, drug addict, have no respect for anything an egomaniac who speaks about “his great” personal adventure the whole day round, chain smoker. 



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